The Challenge

A Vulnerability Assessment is the first step for an organization to identify and quantify security vulnerabilities in its environment and evaluate its level of exposure to cyber attacks. Organizations must implement a proactive security strategy in order to keep up with sophisticated attacks. In recent years, conducting quarterly vulnerability assessments has become a standard for both large and small organizations.  The main challenge faced by organizations are the overwhelming amount of IT assets, how to prioritize the critical vulnerabilities and remove false positives, and how to remediate the vulnerabilities in a timely manner to reduce the likelihood of a hacker exploiting any one of these vulnerabilities. You need a Vulnerability Assessment that will give you full visibility of your security infrastructure

Running a scan is not enough. You need to prioritize and remediate the vulnerabilities found as quickly as possible. 

The Solution

Our Vulnerability Assessment service (PCI ASV certified) evaluates the strength of your defenses against the attacks that are most likely to be used by hackers. Our team of highly qualified and experienced security consultants performs accurate internal and external assessments across network devices, servers, web applications, databases and other assets either on premise or in a cloud environment with the goal to help you improve your existing security posture and reduce the risk of a successful attack. Most importantly, our Vulnerability Assessment service removes the false positives giving you an accurate, actionable report to implement remediation activities.


We catalog assets and resources and identify security vulnerabilities on each resource.


We reveal access points to your critical systems and help you close pathways of attack.


We first eliminate the most serious vulnerabilities for the most valuable resources.