The Challenge

Threat Monitoring is a crucial part of a security program for any corporation nowadays.  Cyber attacks occur every second around the globe and no organization is completely safe – large, medium or small. Organized cybercriminals and nation-state attackers represent the greatest information security threat to enterprises around the world. The NSA called cybercrime “the greatest transfer of wealth in history.” Cybercrime costs the global economy about $445 billion every year, with the damage to businesses from hackers stealing intellectual property exceeding $160 billion each year, according to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).

The challenge for enterprises is the lack of visibility beyond the network edge, to find and mitigate these advanced threats and the high cost associated with maintaining an internal dedicated and specialized security team.

The Solution

CIPHER’s Threat Monitoring & Cyber Attack Defense service offers 24x7x365 advanced monitoring, analysis and investigation of malicious code and callbacks related to events collected from all information security sources correlated with intelligence feed to detect attempted and/or successful security breaches of a facility, operation or system. We provide proprietary Threat Monitoring technologies and manage industry-leading security platforms to deliver actionable intelligence and analytical expertise to stop the most advanced threats. The service is supported by CIPHER Intelligence, our highly qualified and technology-driven R&D laboratory, and 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers to ensure the best in class defense, real-time incident response and operational optimization, producing alerts, activities, and reports for both security awareness and compliance purposes that can easily be accessed through the CIPHER Security Portal.


With more than 150 security specialists, we enhance your current team with deep security expertise.


Our team of highly certified and experienced security experts has eliminated thousands of potential attacks from malicious systems around the globe.


By providing actionable recommendations for remediation, our team can help you act quickly and efficiently to address incidents and alerts.