The Challenge

Your organization has received a notification of a potential security breach, and now you need to respond quickly, effectively, and efficiently. Without a comprehensive incident response plan, the roles, responsibilities, procedures and communication, your IT security team will not be prepared to make critical business decisions during an incident.

This compromises the triage process and delays resolution. With an Incident Response and Investigation plan, you can manage the situation in an effective way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs.

The Solution

CIPHER’s Incident Response and Investigation service offer unmatched experience handling enterprise security incidents to prevent further harm to the organization, ranging from single-system compromises to enterprise-wide intrusions by advanced attack groups. Our team includes globally recognized digital forensics experts, with hundreds of thousands of man-hours spent on the front lines of every possible crisis – from insider threats to state-sponsored attackers. Our Incident Response and Investigation team perform a range of activities from host and network forensic analysis across all platforms to malware reverse engineering and log analysis to determine the attack vector, establish a timeline of activity, and identify the extent of the compromise. Our Incident Response service provides rapid containment and eradication of threats, minimizing the duration and impact of a security breach, including securing the environment, defining the scope of the compromise, collecting and analyzing data related to the incident and issuing a report documenting the findings.

Incident Response & Event Investigtion Resources

The Core Phases of Incident Response & Event Investigation.jpg

Learn about each phase of the incident response process as a foundation to plan and implement your incident response plan.

3 Reasons Why You Need an Incident Response Plan.jpg

Read about the three most important reasons why you’ll need an incident response plan for a mature security posture.

5 Helpful Incident Response Checklists.jpg

Grab our five incident response checklists to help you plan and prepare for your next security incident or event.


Our Incident Response team can quickly assess the challenges you face and recommend specific actions.


We work with our clients to quickly evaluate the incident and determine next steps. Our flexibility provides a faster and more effective response


Our team of experienced security consultants will help you return to normal operations effectively and efficiently.