What has Managed Security Services (MSS)?

Managed security services are outsourced monitoring and management of your security systems and devices. A Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) can manage your Security Incident and Event Management tool, Intrusion Detection Systems/Intrusion Prevention Systems, firewalls, anti-virus, vulnerability and compliance management, and more. An MSSP helps your organization secure your IT environment by continuously monitoring and managing your network, systems, and data

Why Are Organizations Leveraging MSS?

The threat landscape is rapidly evolving. An MSSP responds to a growing threat landscape by responding to these risks using smarter 24x7x365 intelligence-driven security services that focus on maximizing resource efficiency and minimizing damage. CIPHER’s unique approach to Managed Security Services (MSS) is designed to serve as an extension of your security staff, not a one size fits all approach.

We take on the day-to-day defense of your infrastructure by maximizing your security technology investments through 24x7x365 managed security services; monitoring and managing your network security, including systems and data, from our 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers.

By combining threat intelligence with event correlation, our award-winning managed security services helps eliminate blind spots and provide visibility to what really matters. In addition, we give you total visibility and transparency of your environment and activities through the CIPHER Client Portal, a single window into your entire security estate.

WnullWhy CIPHER?

First MSSP to be both ISO 27001 & ISO 20000 certified; plus SOC I & SOC II Type 2 certified

Ensuring data is protected and all the service levels are being achieved at the highest possible standards in the security industry, above and beyond traditional MSSPs or MSPs.

Intelligence feeds

Providing real-time threat intelligence technology to identify advanced malware attacks, persistent threats, and malicious callbacks.

Client Portal

The easy-to-use portal provides real-time and integrated access to information and communication, improving transparency, saving time and reducing costs.

Robust enterprise-ready security technology

Able to manage over two billion events per day with the highest level of redundancy.

Types of Managed Security Services

Fully-Managed Security Services

If you don’t own an array of security devices, the managed security services provider (MSSP) will extend its tools and technologies to your organization and monitor and manage them on a 24x7x365 basis. This is a great option for CISOs that would like to hold off on purchasing security tools and hardware or don’t have internal support to manage an array of the latest technologies.

Co-Managed Security Services

If you own an array of security devices but remain short on internal security resources required to manage these solutions on a 24x7x365 basis, then co-managed security services would be beneficial. This model allows your staff to focus on other strategic security projects and helps offload the intensive job of monitoring and managing security events during non-business hours.

Benefits to your Organization

Minimize Costs

Minimize Costs

Get a team of seasoned security experts working for you at a fraction of the cost of building your own security team in-house.

Maximize Efficiency

Maximize Efficiency

We apply rigorously proven procedures and policies into our services to minimize false-positives and improve responsiveness to rapidly contain cyber attacks.

Get Intelligence

Get Intelligence

Best-in-class Intelligence Lab conducting advanced threat and cyber-attack analyses feeding our technologies and services in real-time.

Manage Compliance

Manage Compliance

Automated analysis based on powerful asset-based assessments to monitor your compliance level for regulatory purposes such as PCI, GLBA, SOX, HIPAA, FISMA.

Our Managed Security Services include

Threat Monitoring & Cyber-Attack Defense

Threat Monitoring & Cyber-Attack Defense

We offer advanced monitoring, analysis, and investigation of malicious code and callbacks to detect attempted and/or successful security breaches. The service is supported by CIPHER Intelligence, our highly qualified and technology-driven R&D laboratory, and 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers to ensure the best in class defense, real-time incident response and operational optimization. Learn more..

Incident Response & Event Investigation

Incident Response & Event Investigation

CIPHER’s Incident Response and Investigation service offers unmatched experience handling enterprise security incidents to prevent further harm to the organization, ranging from single-system compromises to enterprise-wide intrusions by advanced attack groups. Our Incident Response team can quickly assess the challenges you face and recommend specific actions. Learn more..

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Threat Protection as a Service

Threat Protection as a Service

CIPHER leverages BLOCKBIT technology offering you the latest solution in advanced threat protection as a service. Our services include sophisticated security technologies and the latest threat intelligence providing detection and protection against zero-day and targeted attacks, including advanced malware (trojan, virus, worm), APT (Advanced Persistent Threats) and malicious callbacks. Learn more..

SIEM & Log Management

SIEM & Log Management

Our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) and Log Management service collects, correlates, analyzes and stores security events from networks, hosts, and critical applications. A team of highly skilled certified security experts working from our integrated 5th generation 24x7x365 Security Operations Centers use all this information, correlating it with our database of intelligence feeds. Learn more..

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Managed Security Assets

Managed Security Assets & Asset Management

Our Managed Security Assets service includes a plethora of security technologies with 24x7x365 managed services for organizations of all sizes. Assets are continuously protected with feeds from CIPHER Intelligence on emerging threats. Your security team receives unmetered remediation assistance from our certified security analysts.Learn more..

Vulnerability Management as a Service

Vulnerability Management as a Service

CIPHER leverages BLOCKBIT technology offering you the best-in-class vulnerability and compliance management as a service. We provide accurate internal and external scans across your IT estates such as network assets, hosts, web applications, and databases. The combination of people, process and technology lowers resource needs by automation through a structured distributed deployment, thus reducing costs from IT operations. Learn more..

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