The Challenge

Security architecture is becoming increasingly complex. Your IT environment is changing very rapidly and many old technologies may not work properly with the latest security solutions. You need to support the evolving technology infrastructure, emerging legislative regulations, and be prepared for ever-increasing threats. Security Implementation

You may not be maximizing the full capability of your existing security technologies. Additionally, highly skilled certified staff is extremely difficult to attract, hire and retain. You need a partner that provides full time security integration assistance with a team of highly experience consultants and analysts.

The Solution

CIPHER can assist you with your new and existing security implementation needs, such as deployment, tuning and maintaining to maximize the use of your existing advanced security technologies. Our engineers integrate the security solutions seamlessly into the customer’s infrastructure, and at the same time, ensure optimal protection for their most critical assets. We support end-to-end security projects, through design review, architecture assessment, technology implementation, technology optimization and health checks. We develop and analyze your technology requirements and select the solution based on your security, compliance, and business goals. Our partnerships with leading security technology companies further enable us to deliver cost-effective integration services that are steady, scalable, and innovative. Our Security Implementation services include but are not limited to: Perimeter/Infrastructure security technologies, Endpoint and Network Security technologies, on-boarding and integration of SIEM technologies, and networking security architecture.

Certified skilled team

You can count on our team of security experts, certified in the major products/vendors, to provide you with the best-in-class service.

Strong partnerships

We partner with leading technology players enabling us to deliver cost-effective integration services to you

Performance Optimization

Our security experts follow industry standards and best practices to optimize product performance.