The Challenge

Any implementations, updates or re-configurations of your security asset poses a risk of disruption to your environment. Every organization at a certain moment will need to implement a security program to ensure the protection of corporate or entrusted assets and information.  However, very often the organizations don’t have enough resources or highly experienced skills to diagnose and remediate issues once the new security solutions you acquired is put in production.

The results are very clear – a new security solution not properly configured can disrupt your business.

The Solution

CIPHER can assist you with your most critical security implementations deployments to ensure your system is working properly and your business is not in danger when the new/updated devices are put inline.Our Go-Live Critical Implementation Assistance service caters to client needs of all industries and sizes. Our seasoned professionals have played major roles in establishing and implementing Enterprise Security Programs in various public and private sector organizations. Following a complex implementation, our team of security expert consultants will work side-by-side with your team, on-call or on-site, offering an “extended” support and providing expert guidance until your solution is running on its own and your team is confident to take it over. This process can take several days or even weeks, but whenever an issue occurs, our consultants can quickly roll-back the entire system and protect your business from any disruption.

Highly experienced team

You can count on our team of security experts to provide you with the best-in-class support.

Side-by-side support

Our consultants work with your team to support your environment after the go-live.

Peace of mind for you

We answer all your concerns and make sure your business is safe after an inline implementation.